Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Mighty Stalagmite

Puerto Rico PR-6240 received 08-11-2014

Sent by: Cissybet
From: Carolina, Puerto Rico
ID number: PR-6240
Notes: I was in Puerto Rico several weeks ago, but as you can see, this isn't one of the cards I sent to myself.  The Río Camuy Cave Park is located in northwestern Puerto Rico and has over 10 miles of caverns in 220 caves.  Cueva Clara, shown here, is one of the main attractions.  The chamber is 700 ft. (212 m) long and 215 ft. (65 m) high.  The Río Camuy itself is the third largest subterranean river after rivers in Mexico and the Philippines.  If you plan to visit the Río Camuy Cave Park, get there early as there is a limit of 1,500 visitors per day.  Most of the bad reviews of the park on Trip Advisor were from people who got there too late to be allowed in, while the people who did manage to get in really like it.

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