Sunday, November 1, 2015

Big Church, Little Church

Switzerland CH-245170 received 07-09-2015

Sent by: mirella89
From: Wetzikon, Switzerland
ID number: CH-245170
Notes: St. Peter Church is one of the four main churches in old town Zürich.  There were several churchs in this location before this one, which was consecrated in 1706.  The steeple was manned by fire watch until 1911, and the clock on the steeple is the largest church clock face in Europe with a diameter of 28.5 feet (8.7 meters).  

Ukraine UA-1120948 received 08-19-2014

Sent by: urnla
From: Kiev, Ukraine
ID number: US-1120948
Notes: This is the Descent of the Holy Spirit Church near Potelych, Ukraine.  It was built in 1502 in place of a church that burned down.  It is the oldest wooden church in Lviv Oblast (oblast = province), and in 2013, it was named a UNESCO World Heritage site along with 15 other wooden churches in Poland and Ukraine.  

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