Saturday, November 14, 2015

To Kristin From Kristin Part 2

Barbados - Bridgetown Port

Notes: This is the first card I sent to myself, on November 2nd, and it arrived on November 12th.  I picked this card because the ship in the forefront on the upper left is a Celebrity ship, and I was on the Celebrity Summit.  Barbados is the easternmost island in the Lesser Antilles, and because of its southern position, it is rarely hit by hurricanes.  It is relatively flat as it was formed by ancient coral reefs rather than a volcano, but as a result, it has very shallow topsoil. The island was held solely under British rule from 1627-28 until independence in 1966.  This is unusual as most of the other islands changed hands several times.  The country has one of the highest literacy rates in the world, and parents take a strong interest in their childrens' education.  I learned most of this from a tour guide named Susan while on a tour of the island. 

St. Lucia - Castries Harbor

Notes: I sent this card on November 3rd, and also received it on November 12th.  St. Lucia is also part of the Lesser Antilles, but unlike Barbados, it was formed by a volcano and is therefore quite mountainous.  I spent much of our tour hoping that our tour bus had regular brake maintenance!  The British and the French spent many years fighting over St. Lucia, but eventually, the British won, and so the official language of the island is English.  St. Lucia became independent from Great Britain in 1979.  Tourism is now the island's main industry, which means that any economic downturns hit them hard. Unemployment is high, especially among young people.  Our tour guide here was named Lucretia, and she not only told us all about the island but about her husband and two sons as well.  

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