Sunday, November 22, 2015


Germany DE-3409836 received 08-28-2014

Sent by: spick
From: Wiesbaden, Germany
ID number: DE-3409836
Notes: This card is full of words representing places and things from the German region of Hesse.  Wiesbaden (lower right) is the capital, and Frankfurt am Main (right above Wiesbaden) is the largest city in Hesse.  Taunus, Westerwald and Rhön are all mountain ranges, and Rhein is a river.  Frankfurter Kranz (on the left)  is a ring-shaped sponge cake believed to have been originated in Frankfurt.  Hessischer Rundfunk (upper left) a radio and television broadcasting company, and Eintracht Frankfurt (on the right) is a German soccer team.  If any of the other words catch your eye, feel free to look them up. ;)

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