Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bavarian Versailles

Germany DE-328986 received 05-04-2009

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From: Essen, Germany
ID number: DE-328986
Notes: The name of this palace is a combination of Herreninsel, the island it is on, and Chiemsee, the lake where the island is located.  King Ludwig II of Bavaria purchased the island in 1873, and the former Benedictine Monastery buildings became known as the "Old Palace".  Construction on the "New Palace", shown here, began in 1878.  Ludwig, who also commissioned Neuschwanstein Castle, only spent about 10 days in the palace in September of 1885.  In June of 1886, Ludwig drowned and all work on the New Palace was halted, and it was then opened to the public.  The palace was donated to the State of Bavaria in 1923 by Crown Prince Rupprecht, and it continues to be open to the public.  

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