Thursday, February 25, 2016

Snowy Sight

Belarus BY-190579 received 06-28-2011

Sent by: T_Katya_S
From: Gomel, Belarus
ID number: BY-190579
Notes: I chose this postcard today because of the snow.  There is a lot of snow on the ground here now after yesterday's storm, although it's hard to tell exactly how much because of the drifting.  The photo shows the Troitsky Suburb and the Upper Town of Minsk, Belarus.  Troitsky, or Trinity, Hill was first settled in the 12th century, but a fire in 1809 destroyed the buildings.  It was redeveloped, and today is a popular place for residents and tourists.  On the island, which is known as the Island of Tears, you can see the memorial to the Belorussians who participated in the Soviet War in Afghanistan.  

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