Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Best-Smelling Place on Earth

Hershey's Chocolate Factory

Sent by: Janila
From: Reading, Pennsylvania, USA
For: Atlas Quest Tag
Notes: Hershey's is the largest chocolate manufacturer in North America, and Hershey's products are sold in over 60 countries.  The company's headquarters are located in Hershey, Pennsylvania, which was named for the company, not vice-versa.  Hershey, PA also has Hershey's Chocolate World, the visitor center which includes a Chocolate Tour ride.  I visited Hershey's Chocolate World a number of years ago.  When we finished the ride, we received a free (full-size) chocolate bar.  It was really hot outside that day, so I had to eat the whole thing so it wouldn't melt.

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